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Bhagavata Life Apri...
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Bhagavata Life April 2020 (Sutapa Das)
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The Bhagavatam Project

The Bhagavatam is a conscious ancient book from Eastern Philosophy that speaks about spirituality and awakens the power of the heart sitting in the Soul. It is very much alive like us all, full of tales of magic, wonder, love, struggle and inspirational moments. Tell us what inspires you to write, what are your favourite and most treasured stories to hear about. Give us a few names of your favourite writers, why you love them and what about their storytelling technique do you love the most. Be as descriptive as possible and feel free to share some illuminating quotes. Also do not forget to tell us what you expect to get from the Bhagavatam Project.

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Lessons from Gajendr...


Bhagavata Life April 2020 (Sutapa Das)

This forum is for discussions on the Bhagavata Life course. If you have philosophical questions, please put them under the 'Questions on the Srimad Bhagavatam' section
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Radha Govinda
By hershkat
5 months ago

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