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A Spiritual Surgery

Most of the times when we diagnose ourselves with a problem in the material world, we automatically apply a material solution to our worries from our limited material understanding of the matter. We often panic in the emergency of pain and offer ourselves a quick fix. Anything to stop the pain, anything to end the suffering, anything to stop the bleeding and anything to make the worst go away. Pick your pill we have got an endless list of tools and tricks to numb ourselves from life. A temporary solution for a temporary world, with permanent inconveniences and permanent problems. In a world of sense and sensibility how is this sensible?

Wouldn’t it be wiser, to stop applying these fast medicines for temporary relief and find a cure? Why do we resolve to easy fixes that propagate the problem further on and keep us from taking responsibility of the absolute truth? Eventually we our sabotaging our own good will and health. “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today,” said Abraham Lincoln. Think about it, if we find the root cause to our sufferings, we can dissolve the entire problem completely. Curing what we have curated for ourselves with our own minds.

So what is the Cure?

The cure is simple, and it does not lay outside us, it is sitting silently within us. The first way disease enters your body is through the mind, this is clearly explained in the Mahabharata, “An elderly learned brahmana named Saunaka stepped forward and spoke to the King in an attempt to relieve his intense grief. Saunaka said: My dear Yudhisthira, mental grief is one of the major causes of disease. For this reason a good physician always allays the mental sufferings of a patient by giving good instructions and offering desirable objects, before administering medicine. If one puts a hot iron rod in a pot of water, the water soon becomes hot. Similarly, the burning of mental grief causes innumerable bodily miseries. On the other hand, just as water easily puts out a fire, mental distress can be quickly dispelled by enlightenment in real knowledge.”

Instead of flamboyant therapeutic interventions and instant pain management, we need to focus on preventive care thats allows everyone to develop a healthy spiritual lifestyle. A sustainable solution is one that makes spiritual sense and attaches us to our emotional quotient. We can create a paradigm shift in global health if we really want to. We can access this wonderful panacea by our own determination and endeavor. It does not take much, we just need to make one incision of the maha mantra, and we will open our hearts to a possible universal cure. If we dig deep and sterilize our own consciousness, the problems we face to the sufferings we endure will all seem to be a creation of the mind. As William Shakespeare said, ‘Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Our own mind can be our own enemy or friend.

So in this day and age of lockdowns and global pandemics, there always remains one simple cure. Create Unthinkable Realities for Everyone, by curing that which heals you first, curing thyself, the C.U.R.E. is within. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” A spiritual surgery, which does not cost much, but is a saving that will answer not only to one problem but to all the unfathomable problems our minds can conceive or not conceive. A saving that will save not one but the millions you meet, “Next to creating a life the finest thing a man can do is save one.” It is time to dwell into a spiritual surgery, to dissect our inside, to allow us to see what is really outside, has always been inside.

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