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What is the School of Bhakti?

School of Bhakti delivers a universal spirituality rooted in the Bhakti tradition of the East. Bhakti, the culmination of all yoga practice, is the devotional awakening that allows for the perfect expression of love. This inspired consciousness infuses one with deep purpose, courageous spirit, and most importantly, a connection with the divine that unleashes joy and fulfilment within every individual.

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Here are some contributions from the School of Bhakti community as they share their thoughts on the relevance of spiritual culture in everyday life

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Our Vision

We're a bhakti school with a mission to infuse the world with spiritual consciousness and flood it with happiness, love and peace


To infuse one with deep purpose, courageous spirit, and a connection with the divine that unleashes joy and fulfilment within every individual


Through practical philosophy, lifestyle, culture and spiritual activity, the School facilitates a journey that will inspire and transform the student on every level


To be a centre of spiritual excellence and a vibrant community where you’ll form spiritual friendships that will illuminate your journey in life.


I've found the course very helpful.

Mahatma Prabhu shared knowledge and practical tips that I needed to hear for a long long time. How I treat myself is how I treat others resonated so much with me and the point that when you accept yourself the actions of others won't bother you. It's helped me look more closer at how I'm treating myself in relation to others and this has inspired me to start the change with myself.



This course just saved my life!!! Deep gratitude to Mahatma prabhu & the school of Bhakti !

This was a really really really helpful and inspirational course. Thank you so much for all your efforts in organising the course, recording and course notes! 🙏



This course just saved my life!!! Deep gratitude to Mahatma prabhu & the school of Bhakti !

For so long I've been trying to run away from the "monsters" of my existence: job that gives no money, family of non-devotees, horrible neighbourhood of alcoholics and drug addicts, abusive leaders, my own faults and shortcomings, etc. This course helped me tremendously!!! Right after the very first meeting I was finally able to turn around and face the "monsters " that were haunting me, and guess what?? There were NO monsters at all!!!



The course is amazing. Learning a lot.

It's helped me look more closer at how I'm treating myself in relation to others and this has inspired me to start the change with myself. It has become easier to spot criticism of myself and others and cut it at the root and be kinder to myself.



Hare Krsna everyone.

I really got a lot out of the first part of the course. The part that really resonated with me was : "I see the world not as it is, but as I am".



Hare Krishna, it was fantastic on the first class... Thank you HH Mahatma das🙏

After the 1st class of course,next day we had sanga with the devotees in Serbia, so I tryed to pass all what I've heard and remember... They like it very much, and I was speaking half an hour 😏 hope that knowledge I will practice too, and accept more love for myself and loving and understanding others 🙏



I loved the last session with Mahatma Prabu.

I found it really insightful. I was able to share the importance of self love and resilience with someone this morning. I also was able to really reflect on the impact of conditioning in every day life!



Our teacher was very patient and knowledgeable!

l have met beautiful souls through the Gita Life course. Our teacher was very patient and knowledgeable & answered every questions we asked. He read and explained every verses and translation. We still come together chant & learn.



I enjoy how intimate, interactive, and detailed the classes are!

I am from Florida, USA. I am a registered nurse and holistic health nurse and coach. The Gita has helped me connect science with spirituality in extraordinary ways. I am so grateful to have found the School of Bhakti through Instagram that led me to this amazing Gita course with Sutapa Prabhu. For many years I have been reading the Gita and been looking for a spiritual mentor/teacher as a guide. Sutapa Prabhu does an excellent job explaining the Gita in modern ways for us to understand. I enjoy how intimate, interactive, and detailed the classes are. I hope to join more classes with the School of Bhakti.

DJ Patel

Holistic Health Nurse Coach

Extremely energised and enthused by the teachings!

I have been extremely energised and enthused by the teachings of the monks at the School of Bhakti. I’m super grateful for their selfless service and sincerely thankful for a truly wonderful opportunity to learn from such an incredible personality.

Ravi Ruparel


I am new to the Hare Krishna movement and I enjoyed it!

I have now attended two online programmes for the Bhaktivriksha (North West London) and have found them extremely interesting and very worthwhile to attend. I am new to the Hare Krishna movement, and the speakers at these programmes are very knowledgeable and I enjoyed the subject matter.

Sandra Nicholls


A fantastic place, full of vibrancy, care and dynamism!

The School of Bhakti has been a fantastic place to teach and learn about the ancient science of spirituality in a very practical, relevant and immersive way. I found the community of speakers and students to be like none other, full of vibrancy, care and dynamism.

Nikhil Padhiar

Management Consultant

SB is a wonderful place to connect with good-hearted people!

SB is a wonderful place to connect with good-hearted people seeking spirituality. SB has an amazing variety of events and classes where one can nourish their souls. No one leaves SB without having a positive impression and change in their lives.

Szilvia Bukta

Case Manager

SB is your one stop shop!

SB is your one stop shop. You can be part of a great community, participate in fantastic courses, learn how to apply spirituality in this day and age, meet like-minded people and elevate your soul on amazing retreats.

Zoltan Mako

Service Engineer

School of Bhakti has changed my life!

School of Bhakti has changed my life! So much wisdom and new ideas from wonderfully inspiring teachers. All the material is professional, fresh, creative and of a really high standard. I come away from the classes with lots to think about and always with new things to explore. Oh, and I’ve also made some great friends there! Thank you for everything you do, School of Bhakti. Grateful to have found this amazing place of learning!

Denise O'Dwyer

Feng Shui Consultant and Astrologer

The courses gave me an opportunity to build relationships!

SB courses & retreats are now the most important part of my life, infect I can't see my life without the courses offered by SB. Courses like Explore, Gita Life, Overcoming Negativity have helped me understand how this human form of life is a precious gift given to us by God. We have such dedicated scholarly teachers at SB community who through various courses takes us on a journey of ancient Vedic Wisdom. Attending Courses also gave me an opportunity to build relationships with like-minded people and discuss any challenges we go through. During the courses we also have change to ask questions and get clarities of our doubts. The Most heartfelt experience has been through the courses is that coming closer to Krishna and Krishna's devotees. They brought the guiding torch in my life at the stage where i was lost & saw no light at the end of the tunnel.

Neha Patel


I would love to do more courses, I gained so much!

I did Gita life and a few others, all the courses are available now online which is great. Both courses I did with JD & he was great, he got us debating, laughing, mixing & meeting new people in the group. I enjoyed them so much & would love to do more courses because I gained so much!

Snita Sharma


Can't wait for the next session!

I am doing the Gita Life course. The coursework material is useful whilst listening to the instructor. Sutapa prabhu came across very energetic (which rubs onto you) and how he explains each acronym relating to the Gita with examples of how we can apply the Gita in our daily life struggles we go through. He also kept us engaged with the chat sessions which was very useful listening to questions other members had and answered it in a way we could understand which we would never have thought of. The SB kept us up date with the slides and recording of the session to listen in case we missed anything. Can't wait for the next session!

Jasumati Vekaria


Start your journey, take up a course today!

Inspired by Gita Life course & the journey of other devotees, we too try to incorporate the 4 Regulatory Principles- Austerity, Truthfulness, Compassion & Cleanliness - in our day to day life. Of course, it is still ‘work in progress’ and much needs to improve but as they say, all journeys start with a small step forward. Once you are on this amazing journey, you can find your own unique way to serve Sri Krishna - distribute books, get involved in services at the temple, join & host a local sanga, introduce friends & families, contribute regularly to wonderful charities. You could also volunteer for Pandav Sena, KCSoc and Food For Life. So start your journey too... take up a course at ‘School of Bhakti’ today.

Gaurang Morjaria


Courses are Amazing!

I have taken a couple of courses with the School of Bhakti: Srimad Bhagvatam and Ayurvedic. Sutapa Das explained how the Srimad Bhagvatam relates to life today and the course changed my perception on the way I see life. Both courses were amazing and just what I needed during lockdown!

Komal Yagnik

Financial Analyst

Retreats are of a really high spiritual calibre!

The courses provided by the School of Bhakti have been really inspirational, the speakers which have been invited during the retreats are of a really high spiritual calibre and fully recharged our spiritual batteries with incredible insights and wisdom.

Gerta Safanova


Wholehearted Service, it's all about Love!

Got lots of questions on transformation? Join the School of Bhakti and take your inner brilliance to greater heights with secrets from the yoga tradition. Learn the art of Simple living and higher Thinking, and cultivate deeper relationships with your inner energies. At the School of Bhakti, they are dedicated to serve you wholeheartedly until you can illuminate your own journey with the transformation of inner beauty, strength and consciousness.Dedicated to Serve You WholeHeartedly, School of Bhakti is all about Love!

Harika Sharma


Very friendly people

The folks at School of Bhakti are very friendly and it creates an atmosphere of selfless service. Very pleasurable to work with!

Radha Govinda

Outreach and Online Co-ordinator

Amazing Opportunities

I've seen so many people have amazing opportunities to use their ability in a dynamic way, develop close friendships, improve their skills and learn new ones - all in a spiritual way!

Kishori Yogini

Volunteer Co-ordinator