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What we're all about

Our Vision

We're a bhakti school with a mission to infuse the world with spiritual consciousness and flood it with happiness, love and peace


To infuse one with deep purpose, courageous spirit, and a connection with the divine that unleashes joy and fulfilment within every individual


Through practical philosophy, lifestyle, culture and spiritual activity, the School facilitates a journey that will inspire and transform the student on every level


To be a centre of spiritual excellence and a vibrant community where you’ll form spiritual friendships that will illuminate your journey in life.

What is the School of Bhakti?

School of Bhakti delivers a universal spirituality rooted in the Bhakti tradition of the East. Bhakti, the culmination of all yoga practice, is the devotional awakening that allows for the perfect expression of love. This inspired consciousness infuses one with deep purpose, courageous spirit, and most importantly, a connection with the divine that unleashes joy and fulfilment within every individual.

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Courses to enliven you

From Krishna bhakti to life wisdom to art, whatever it is that enthuses you, it's here. There's something for everyone.

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Spiritual perspectives

Here are some contributions from the School of Bhakti community as they share their thoughts on the relevance of spiritual culture in everyday life

Very friendly people

The folks at School of Bhakti are very friendly and it creates an atmosphere of selfless service. Very pleasurable to work with!

Radha Govinda

Outreach and Online Co-ordinator

Amazing Opportunities

I've seen so many people have amazing opportunities to use their ability in a dynamic way, develop close friendships, improve their skills and learn new ones - all in a spiritual way!

Kishori Yogini

Volunteer Co-ordinator