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Learn all you need in one place

School of Bhakti is your one stop shop. You find a great community, participate in fantastic courses, learn how to apply spirituality in this day and age.

Zoltan Mako

Feeling inspired

School of Bhakti energises and enthuses me. I am super grateful for their selfless service and feel truly humbled to learn from such inspirational personalities! Don't miss out!

Ravi Ruparell

Life changing experience

School of Bhakti has been life changing. I would recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to attend the new courses and discover more!

Jasumati Vekaria

Inspiring and knowledgeable

All events are of a really high spiritual calibre and they fully recharge our spiritual
 batteries with incredible insights and wisdom. A big thank you to all the selfless volunteers behind it!

Gerta Safanova

Teachers are excellent

The teachers do an excellent job explaining the ancient teachings. I enjoy how intimate, interactive, and detailed the classes are.

DJ Patel


Spiritual Growth

School of Bhakti is a wonderful place to connect with good-hearted people seeking spirituality. An amazing variety of events and classes where one can nourish their souls. No one leaves SB without having a positive impression and change in their lives.

Szilvia Bukta

Case Manager

Professional and thought provoking.

So much wisdom and new ideas from wonderfully inspiring teachers. All the material is professional, fresh, creative and of a really high standard. I come away from the classes with lots to think about and always with new things to explore. Grateful to have found this amazing place of learning!

Denise O'Dwyer

Feng Shui Consultant and Astrologer

The course is amazing. Learning a lot.

It's helped me look more closer at how I'm treating myself in relation to others and this has inspired me to start the change with myself. It has become easier to spot criticism of myself and others and cut it at the root and be kinder to myself.